Linguamir is a Russian-English language and cultural center in the Samara Region.
It provides Russian language instruction, diverse cultural programs, excursions and study tours.

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Discover Russia with Linguamir   Samara is a safe city surrounded by beautiful countryside  


Lingumir's goals are to provide quality Russian language instruction and cultural studies; and to offer Russian language and cultural tours for people from all around the World.
The Center's history

Our language school was opened in Samara in April, 1999. We are grateful to Mr. Alexander Ruchkin and Ms. Galina Chuchkova from the Moscow Center for Education “GRINT” for their help and kindness in supporting us with information and recruitment.
We started as a small school with a friendly atmosphere among the staff and a careful, individual attitude towards the students. Our experience and authority as an educational institution has been climbing steadily.
We were pleased to invite a Citizen Democracy Corps Consultant, Ms. Bette Lockhart to our school in February 2000. Here's what she had to say:
"As an American Consultant invited to Russia by CDC to talk with Samara business owners about the methods of doing business in the United States, I spent several days with Administration, teachers and students at Linguamir. I found a very relaxed atmosphere with fun classes that allowed students to freely express themselves. The instructors make it fun. Unlike usual Russian classes that are normally quite serious and quiet, students of all ages – youngest 12 on through 40 or 50 –participated readily with each other and the teacher. For my first visit to Russia, it was a very pleasant experience and made me very comfortable.” If you want to have more information about my trip to Samara and Linguamir, please E-Mail me"

By: Bette Lockhart CDC Consultant - 5 February 2000

Since 2001 we started our Rusian language tuition programs with highly qualified Russian instructors. Many students from all around the world have chosen Linguamir to study Russian and to enjoy a safe city and a friendly atmosphere among the staff and the students.

Linguamir staff

Photo of the Linguamir staff

Today Linguamir provides a wide range of high quality Russian language instruction as well as language and cultural tours. We also offer accommodation and real estate services in the Samara region.

Feel free to browse our website to taste the Center's atmosphere, the beauty of Samara and feel free to cantact us by any means if you have any questions, our experts will be glad to give you any assistance.

Welcome to Linguamir

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