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Here are greetings from the Directors of Linguamir, the Russian-English language and Cultural Center. The Center is run by Mr. Patrick Hast, J.D., from Texas, USA and Mr. Alexander Golovanov from Samara, Russia.

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Patrick Hast, Linguamir Director
Alexander Golovanov, Linguamir Director

"Westerners" with an interest in promoting business interests in Russia will find the Samara region and Linguamir ideal. This city on the Volga is a center for higher education and high-tech industries, while Linguamir provides not only Russian language instruction of the highest caliber but also an introduction to Russia's people, culture, and business community in one of the most dynamic regions of the country.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Hast, J.D.
Linguamir Director

We provide instruction in Russian as a Foreign Language to people from all around the world and English as a Foreign Language for local residents which gives our foreign students an opportunity to socialize with the students of English. We also offer expanded cultural and excursion programs. Take advantage of our high quality instruction, our cultural programs and the natural beauty of Samara.

Kind Regards,
Alexander Golovanov
Linguamir Director

Welcome to Linguamir!

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