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MAINSTREAM NEWS: (Russia Journal) (Gazeta) (The Moscow Times) (Moscow News) (Interfax - headline news) (Russian Information Agency Novosti) (Itar-Tass - official State news agency) (Expat - recent international press) (Expat - today's international press) (Rosbalt News Agency) (Russia News) (Russia Post) (The St. Petersburg Times) (Vladivostok news) (The Russia Journal - monthly magazine) (Russian Political Weekly) (World News from Google) (Radio Free Europe) (Radio Voice of Russia / audio) (EurasiaNet - Central Asia & Caucasus news) (Russian News Network - CIS) (Interfax Information Services - CIS) (The Kremlin)

BUSINESS NEWS: (RosBusinessConsulting) (Gateway2Russia) (News Agency Prime-Tass) (AK&M Agency - economic, financial & stock market news)

ALTERNATIVE NEWS: (The Exile - rated PG-13) (Pravda - Communist Party news & views)


Learn to read Russian: (Cyrillic alphabet) (Cyrillic alphabet) (Cyrillic alphabet in block & cursive characters) (An Introduction to Russian / audio) (learn to read Russian / audio)

Build your vocabulary: (Master Russian / audio) (An Introduction to Russian / audio) (Russian Web Tutor / audio) (WayToRussia / audio) (Travlang - scroll down and click on the Russian flag / audio) (Russian for Lovers / audio) (basic phrases for beginners) (greetings & farewells) (basic vocabulary for beginners) (100 signs in Russian) (Russian nicknames)

Learn Russian grammar: (Master Russian / audio) (Russian Web Tutor / audio) (grammar reference - Bucknell U.) (Linguarus - Russian For Everybody) (RUSSNET - Real Player format - requires registration)

Online English-Russian dictionaries: (Dima Chirkin) ( ( (Stanislav Sinyagin) (Rambler - Russian language) (Online Translator by PROMT Co.)

RUSSIAN LITERATURE IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION: (alphabetical index of Russian authors) (alphabetical index of Russian authors) (excellent online content!) (Evgeny Baranov's Russian Literature homepage) (Benjamin Sher's Russian Web) (index of Leo Tolstoy) (Leo Tolstoy - "The Cossacks - A Tale of 1852") (index of Fyodor Dostoevsky) (index of Anton Chekhov) (Pushkin's Poems - English/Russian) (Pushkin) (Pushkin - "The Captain's Daughter") (Pushkin poetry) (poetry - various authors - English/Russian) (25 poems - various authors) (Lermontov - English/Russian) (Mikhail Bulgakov - "The Fateful Eggs") (Mikhail Bulgakov - "The Master and Margarita") (Nabokov - Prof. Elizabeth Beaujour) (Nabokov - "Father's Butterflies") (Russian fables - in Real Player G2 format or text) (Russian Fairy Tales) (Lenin Internet Archive) (intro to Russian literature)

THE FINE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: (The State Russian Museum - St. Petersburg) (The Bolshoi Theatre - Moscow) (The Kremlin Ballet Theatre - Moscow) (The Mariinsky Theatre - St. Petersburg) (The State Hermitage Museum - St. Petersburg) (Peterhof - St. Petersburg) ('Magnificent St. Petersburg' - online art gallery) (Russian Art Gallery) (From Russia With Art) (SibArtNet) (The State Russian Museum Art Library) (Classical Music of St. Petersburg) (The Empire That Was Russia - the Prokudin-Gorskii photo gallery) (Russian Empire in Photographs) (Little Russia In Us) (The Face of Russia) (Lifestyle - Moscow) (Moscow Out - entertainment news) (St. Petersburg Out - entertainment news) (Tickets Of Russia) (buy Russian art online) (museums & galleries) (more museums) (museums in St. Petersburg) (Elina Yuffa's 'Russian Links')

RUSSIAN CITIES & REGIONS ON THE WEB: (Expat - Moscow) (The Moscow Times) (Moscow News) (WayToRussia - Moscow) (Moscow Out - leisure & entertainment news) (Lifestyle - Moscow leisure & entertainment news) (Uncle Pasha's homepage - Moscow) (official tourism homepage - Moscow) (Moscow City) (Exploring Moscow) (Moscow Life) (A-Z Yellow Pages - Moscow) (Moscow-Taxi) (The Moscow Guide) (Moscow Courier) (WayToRussia - St. Petersburg) (The St. Petersburg Times) (Peter Out - St. Petersburg leisure & entertainment news) (Exploring St. Petersburg) ( (A-Z Yellow Pages - St. Petersburg) (St. Petersburg - From a Different Perspective) (personal homepage - St. Petersburg) ( (Traveller's Yellow Pages - Vyborg) (the Kola Peninsula & Murmansk region) (WayToRussia - The Golden Ring) (WayToRussia - Novgorod) (Traveller's Yellow Pages - Novgorod) (Nizhniy Novgorod) (Izhevsk, Votkinsk, Glazov, Mozhga, Kambarka & Sarapul) (Pereslavl - Zalessky) (Udmurtia region & Izhevsk) (Ekaterinburg Travel) (Ekaterinburg) (Rostov-on-Don) (Rostov-on-Don) (Sochi) (Kazan) (Samara) (Samara City Administration) (Samara - Rogan's homepage!) (WayToRussia - Siberia) (Novosibirsk) (Novosibirsk) (WayToRussia - Novosibirsk) (Irkutsk) (Irkutsk - Lake Baikal homepage) (Yakutsk region) (Siberia Nomad - 'Reindeer Safari in Siberia') (Khabarovsk) (Vladivostok news) (Vladivostok) (Vladivostok) (Vladivostok) (WaytoRussia - Kamchatka) (1Up Info - CIS city index) (Academservice - CIS city index) (index of Russia's regions & cities) (Greatest Cities - index of Russian cities) (Virtual Tourist - Russia Travel Guide) (index of Russian cities - some links lead to Russian language websites)

HOTELS & APARTMENTS: hotels and apartments in St. Petersburg.
(Moscow budget hotels & homestays - from $25 per night) (Alpha Izmailovo Hotel - singles from $45 - Moscow) (nice mix of hotels - Moscow) (nice mix of hotels - St. Petersburg) (online hotel reservation center - Russia) (online hotel reservation center - Russia / CIS / Baltic States) (online hotel reservation center - Russia / CIS / Baltic States) (quality apartments - St. Petersburg & Moscow) (budget apartments - Moscow) (budget apartments - St. Petersburg)

VISA INFORMATION: (Most schools in Russia will arrange a proper visa invitation for you. The links below are intended more for general knowledge and/or tourists & business travellers.) (WayToRussia) (WayToRussia - visa support service) (Visa House) (VisaToRussia) (Russian Embassies & Consulates worldwide) (Russian Embassies & Consulates worldwide)

FOREIGN EMBASSY WEBSITES: (Russian Embassy in Great Britain) (Russian Consulate in London) (Russian Embassy in Washington D.C.) (Russian Consulate in New York City) (British Embassy in Moscow) (British Consulate in St. Petersburg) (British Consulate in Ekaterinburg) (United States Embassy in Moscow) (United States Consulate in St. Petersburg) (Canadian Embassy in Moscow) (Russian Embassy in Ontario, Canada) (Australian Embassy in Moscow) (New Zealand Embassy in Moscow) (South African Embassy in Moscow) (foreign Embassies & Consulates - CIS) (UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office - UK Embassies abroad) (US State Department - US Embassies abroad) (Canadian Embassies abroad) (Australian Embassies abroad)

VISA-RUN TO TALLINN, ESTONIA: (For EFL teachers in Russia who need a new visa, Tallinn is safe, easy and convenient - and does not require an entry visa for UK and US citizens. The distance from Moscow to Tallinn is 860 km. You can take a train or fly cheaply on Aeroflot.) (About Tallinn) (Digital Tallinn - City Guide) (Tallinn City Administration) (map of Tallinn - click to zoom in) (Hostel Wam Maria - private rooms w/ breakfast from 35 Euros) (Tallinn hotels index) (Russian Embassy in Tallinn - This website is available only in Russian, so here are a few basic facts in English: To apply for a visa, they are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon, and again from 2pm to 5pm, at which time you can go back and pick up your passport. Same-day and next-day express service is available. The cost of your visa will depend on the type of visa you are applying for, as well as your Nationality. In addition to your passport, official invitation and 2 passport photos, you *may* be asked to present an HIV test and proof of medical insurance. Embassy Address: #19 Pikk Street, EE-0200, Tallinn [located in the Old Town - all taxi drivers know this address] Phone: +372 443-014 / Fax: +372 (2) 443-773 / Email: / NOTE: the Visa Department is located around the corner from the main Embassy entrance!)

AIRLINE TICKETS: (Avantix - Moscow) (GoToRussia - Atlanta, Georgia) (WayToRussia - Moscow)

METRO MAPS: (Moscow - updated, printable version) (Moscow - large map) (St. Petersburg) (St. Petersburg - large map) (Ekaterinburg) (Samara) (Kazan') (Nizhniy Novgorod) (Omsk) (Volgograd) (Ufa) (Novosibirsk) (Kiev - Ukraine) (Kharkiv - Ukraine) (Dnipropetrovs'k - Ukraine) (Kryvy Rih - Ukraine) (Minsk - Belarus) (Tbilisi - Georgia)

MAPS - COUNTRY / CITY / REGIONAL / CIS: (large color map of Russia) (Russia - major cities, roads & rail lines) (large, shaded relief map of Russia) (Russia - Administrative Divisions) (Siberia & the Far East) (CIS - Europe) (Moscow) (Moscow - click to zoom in) (nice set of Moscow city maps) (Moscow region) (nice set of St. Petersburg city maps) (downtown St. Petersburg) (St. Petersburg - old map, nice detail) (Kola Peninsula & Murmansk - click to zoom in) (Samara - click to zoom in - Russian language) (Nizhniy Novgorod - bird's eye view) (Nizhniy Novgorod - click to zoom in - Russian language) (Novgorod) (Izhevsk - click to zoom in - Russian language) (Vladivostok - click to zoom in - Russian language) (Ekaterinburg) (Yakutia) (Irkutsk - click to zoom in) (Lake Baikal - Irkutsk) (downtown Novosibirsk) (Novosibirsk region) (index of Russia maps) (index of CIS maps)

SPECIALTY MAPS & IMAGES: (Russia time zones - small version) (Russia time zones - large version) (world time zones - 24hr clock) (world sun-clock map) (satellite images of Russia) (NASA images of Russia) (Lake Baikal satellite image)

WEATHER OVER RUSSIA: (city forecasts - Russia) (city forecasts - CIS & Baltic States) (weather forecast homepage) (live satellite weather images of Russia) (live satellite weather images of Russia) (live satellite weather images - regional & city index)

WEBCAMS: (Some of these websites are in Russian - When in doubt, just 'click' on the photo and be patient while the image loads. If you're using a slower dial-up modem, some of the links below may not work for you. Also please note that some of these live webcams require Axis Active-X Camera Control. You can download that here: ) (Pushkin Square - Moscow) (MSU Tower Webcam - Moscow) (9 different views of Moscow every day - cool!) (mirror site of - Moscow) (Hotel Ukraina - Moscow) (6 locations in Moscow) (St. Petersburg) (St. Petersburg) (The Warsaw Terminal - St. Petersburg) (Moika river embankment - St. Petersburg) (St. Petersburg) (Rostov-on-Don) (Vyborg) (Kemerovo) (Novosibirsk) (Novosibirsk) (Ekaterinburg) (Ekaterinburg) (Ekaterinburg - City Hall) (Lake Pleshcheyevo - Pereslavl Zalessky) (Nizhniy Novgorod) (Nizhniy Novgorod - slow without broadband) (Murmansk) (Apatity - Murmansk region) (Tomsk) (Novokuznetsk) (Khabarovsk) (Lenin Square - Khabarovsk) (Vladivostok - 4 views) (Kaliningrad) (Perm - slow without broadband) (Omsk City, Siberia - slow without broadband) (Klyuchevskoy Volcano - Kamchatka - elevation 4,750 m) (Shiveluch Volcano - Kamchatka - elevation 2,800 m) (Bezymianny Volcano - Kamchatka - elevation 2,869 m) (Kiev - Independence Square) (Kiev - Maidan Nezalezhnosti / click 'reload') (Kiev - Southern Railway Station) (Kharkov, Ukraine) (Dubinin Street Cam - Kerch, Ukraine) (Ukraine - nice index of 38 webcams)

One final comment: Live webcams within the C.I.S. are extremely unreliable. This is caused by a combination of factors, including technical complications, periodic power outages and old telephone lines in the smaller cities and towns. Please be patient if you stumble across a few dead links in this category. They are usually restored within a couple of days.


Russia (WayToRussia) (a wide variety of topics) (Lonely Planet) (CIA World Factbook) (Bucknell University - Dept. of Russian Studies) (Virtual Tourist - Russia Travel Guide) (Radio Voice of Russia / audio) (The Moscow Times - Guide to Russia) (The Russia Journal - monthly magazine) (New Russia) (Chronology of Russian History) (Library of Congress) (Wikipedia) (A-Z Russia Guide) (1Up Info) (1Up Info - CIS city index) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (The Kremlin) (Little Russia In Us) ( (Destination Russia) (Russia Info Center) (Welcome Russia) (The Face of Russia) (Svezhy Veter) (Real Post Reports) (World InfoZone) (Go to Russia) (Visit Russia) (Sher's Russian Index) (Russia on the Web) (Russia on the Net - links & search engine) (Russian Studies & Travel links)


Armenia (map) (British Council Armenia) (ARMINFO - Independent Armenian News Agency) (Armenia links) (Armenia (Armenpress News Agency) ( (CIA World Factbook) (Lonely Planet) (Columbus World Travel Guide)

Azerbaijan (map) (British Council Azerbaijan) (Azerbaijan International Magazine) (Welcome to Azerbaijan) (Azerbaijan links) (A to Z of Azerbaijan) (President's homepage) (Library of Congress) (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (Lonely Planet) (

Belarus (map) (The Virtual Guide to Belarus) (Belarus Online) (Data Web Server) (Miles Away) (A Belarus Miscellany) (Belarus Tourist) (Belarus links) (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (metro map - Minsk)

Georgia (map) (British Council Georgia) (About Georgia) (city index & map of Georgia) (Georgian Resources on the Internet) (Georgian search engine) (Parliament of Georgia - Newsletter) (Lonely Planet) (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide) ( (WWW Virtual Library) (metro map - Tbilisi)

Kazakhstan (map) (British Council Kazakhstan) (The Almaty Expat Site) (Welcome to Kazakhstan!) (Kazakhstan News) (Kazakhstan Online) (FreeNet - Kazakhstan) (President's homepage) (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (Lonely Planet) (

Kyrgyzstan (map) (The Kyrgyzstan Freenet) ( homepage) (Kyrgyzstan Online) (Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway) (personal homepage) ( (Library of Congress) (Lonely Planet) (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (Soros Foundation)

Moldova (map) ( homepage) ( homepage) (Moldova Internet Resources) (CIA World Factbook) (Library of Congress) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (Lonely Planet) (Soros Foundation)

Tajikistan (map) (The Tajikistan Update) (Travel Tajikistan) (Lonely Planet) ( (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (Library of Congress)

Turkmenistan (map) (Turkmenistan Chaihana) (Turkmen International Homepage) ( (Library of Congress) (Lonely Planet) (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide)

Ukraine (map) (British Council Ukraine) (Welcome to Ukraine) (BRAMA - Gateway Ukraine) ( (Ukraine Info Home) (Ukraine links) (CIA World Factbook) (Lonely Planet) (Columbus World Travel Guide) (metro map - Kiev)

Uzbekistan (map) (British Council Uzbekistan) (UzReport - news) (Uzbekistan National News Agency) (AdvanTour) (DoloresTour) (FreeNet - Uzbekistan) (CIA World Factbook) (Columbus World Travel Guide) ( (Lonely Planet) (Library of Congress)

Maps - CIS: (CIS - Europe) (CIS - Country maps)

News & General Information - CIS: (Interfax Information Services) ( (Radio Free Europe) (Russian News Network) ( (1Up Info) (foreign Embassies & Consulates) (weather forecasts)

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TEACHER ORGANIZATIONS, CLUBS & AFFILIATIONS: (NATE - National Association of Teachers of English in Russia) (SPELTA - St. Petersburg English Language Teachers' Association) (FEELTA - Vladivostok) (Soros Foundation - SELP & SPELT Programs) (The British Council homepage - Russia) (The British Council's 13 regional centres in Russia) (American Councils) (ACR - American Centers & Corners) (US Embassy's English Language Office) (US State Dept. - English Language Programs)

TIPS FOR WRITING A GREAT RESUME' / CV: (Rockport Institute) (hosted by Montana State University)

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President Vladimir Putin teaching his dog to speak English
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He's not just the President of Russia, ya know! He's Bruce Lee's twin brother.
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'If you can read this sign, you may enter for free. If not, it's gonna cost ya!'
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St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square - I live here at the weekend.
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"Man has been endowed with reason,
with the power to create, so that he can
add to what he's been given
- Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) Russian dramatist and writer

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