Photo Gallery 2
This new photo gallery starts in summer with the Volga embankment photos. See how students of Linguamir and people of Samara are dancing, meeting friends, socializing and having fun on the Volga River embankment. The gallery continues with the Samara countryside photos when Linguamir students and staff are having picnics on a river boat and on a river beach. More galleries will be posted soon.
Relax and enjoy watching the photos.

Photo gallery 1

Volga embankment | Countryside picnic | Grushin's music festival
Samara Aero Exhibition 2004 | Ilya Repin's museum | Snowboarding

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Volga River embankment

Sitting in a nice open air cafe on the Volga River embankment   Surrounded by Samara beauties   Volga embankment   Volga beach   Open air cafe   After work  

Countryside picnic gallery

Historical lesson on a boat   Making barbecue   Barbecue in Russian is Shashkyk   Proud cooks   What that tasty?   Beach volleyball  

Grushin's music festival

Linguamir students re on the Festival Hill   The Festival Glade, July-2004: 130000 participants and visitors   At the concert   At the cancert   That's how people are listening to the music   Famous Grushin's singer  

Samara Aero Exhibition 2004 gallery

Amphibious aircraft   The Samara region Governor   Microlight aircraft   Trying the pilot seat   Two-seater modern airplane. Made in Russia   Another two-seater model  

Ilya Repin's museum

Linguamir students are at the front door of Ilya Repin's museum.   This is a way to the museum through this beautiful maple alley   Elena, the guide and the museum keeper, knows everything about the painters and the Volga peasants' life style in the 19th century   Peasant's house   Burlaki na Volge (The Volga Barge Haulers) was painted by Ilya Repin in this room   Barbecue on the Volga River bank  


The ski resort map   At the sport shop   Goog luck Allan!   A linguamir student has just got his  portion of  adrenaline   She's just a total beginner   from the top of the mountain  
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