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See how students of Linguamir study the Russian language and Culture, have fun, travel and socialize. Below is a list of the photo galleries. Every gallery has several photos with description. When you click a pre-view picture on film below the photo page will open in a new window.
Relax and enjoy watching Linguamir's and Samara's life.

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Countryside views | Stalin's bunker | Aerospace museum | Military museum

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Slavonic Writing Day in Samara

Young Cossacks are guarding the ceremony   Saints Cyrill and Methodius Cathedral   Girls in Russian traditional costumes   Saints Cyrill and Methodius memorial   Huge chorus at from of the Cathedral   Orthodox bells  


Policemen are guarding the Maslenitsa doll   Russian traditional fun   Feel yourself a hussar   Maslenitsa dancing   The festival square   Burning Maslenitsa doll  

Students' life

Russian-English club   Student's lecture   Kreschenie Holiday   Honorary true Russian man   Russian circus   The Volga River views  

Samara views

Samara train station is considered the biggest in Europe   The train station waiting hall   Night club Zvezda   Center of Samara   Samara embankment   Samara downtown  
Soyuz rocket monument   St. Georgy Cathedral   A boat on the Volga River   An open air cafe   Samara beach   Samara view from the Volga River  

Countryside views

The Volga view from Samara   National park Samarskaya Luka   Volga horizons   Old village   Caves   A night concert  

Stalin's bunker

Stalin's bunker map   Doorway to the scary  bunker   Stalin's room   Defense Council meeting room   Mr. Maslova is giving a Russian lesson at the Stalin's desk   Students of Linguamir at the  Defense Council  table  

Aerospace museum

Buran is the Russian equivalent of American Shuttles   In a space suit   Space Master Class   At the exhibition   Mir space station   Gagarin's like space sphere  

Military museum

At a bronevik   Legendary tachanka   In the Samara Military Museum   II world war panorama   Machine gun   Guns, which won the war  

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