Boardwalk of SamaraBoardwalk of Samara

In Samara, stretching alongside the Volga, is the Boardwalk or Embankment. In Russian, “Naberezhnaya” this is a word to be learned. A nightly festival on the banks of the Volga, in the heart of Russia, there is nothing similar in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

embankmentEnjoy the warm evenings and "white nights" of the balmy Russian summer. Seven kilometers of pavement for strollers, joggers and roller bladders. Hundreds of open-air cafes, bars, restaurants and amusements. Students and tourists, seniors and the young, lovers and the lonely,-

Everyone is invited!

boardwalkNo dress code, no expectations. You can unwind from a busy day, just put your feet up and take it easy, or maybe meet the person of your dreams.

boardwalkTake an excursion on a small powerboat or world-class ferry, swim in the warm water, rest on the sandy beach, or just relax and watch the world go by - it's a non-stop fashion parade. Elle and Cosmopolitan, eat your heart out!

Enjoy the magic of “Naberezhnaya”!

boardwalkHurry up! Summer in Samara lasts only 3-4 months.


A hundred open air restaurants and cafes with a Volga view.

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Sitting in a nice open air cafe on the Volga River embankment   Surrounded by Samara beauties   embankment   Samara beach   Sitting in  cafe on a Volga beach   People are going down to the beach after work  
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