References from students of the Russian language course.
References of the Russian course graduates are testimonials of the professional Russian instruction and the living and traveling conditions provided by Linguamir.

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Here are some references from Linguamir graduates.

M.Namatalla, student, USA
"On an administrative level, I rate the school at 9.5 out of 10; as no one is perfect. The administrative process has been excellent from handling the visa papers, to setting up reasonable accomodations, to the pickup process from the airport and train station."

Jean-Marc Roumayat, civil servant, France
"The two weeks I spent in Samara studying Russian in intensive courses were really pleasant and beneficial. My teacher, Maria, was very professional with a high ability to tailor the lessons to specific needs; she greatly helped me in learning Russian language and also Russian culture and customs.
The kindness and accommodating staff of Linguamir, and the delightful summertime in Samara also made my stay memorable. My next coming there is already scheduled."

Julia Schaffer, student, USA
"My professor was very professional and was always able to explain the most difficult grammatical questions. While my teacher was able to speak English she rarely did so; and when I asked her to speak only in Russian during our lessons she did so without question."

Sarah Weintraub, student, San Francisco, USA
"I had a great experience with Linguamir! My teacher was excellent. She was highly qualified and very experienced. She was able to focus on the areas of language study that I was particularly interested in (speaking and understanding) but also used her own judgment to decide which other things to teach me (grammatical forms, reading, etc.)"

Geoff Urquhart, nurse, New Zealand
"I studied with Linguamir for two months knowing no Russian; I found the school very good in all areas from the visas to cups of coffee, my teacher was great and was able to teach a most difficult student to survive outside the school. Samara is also a nice place to study, with good transport connections."

Franziska Pfister, researcher, Zurich, Switzerland
"During my stay in Samara I improved my Russian substantially thanks to the experienced teacher and the lessons tailored to my needs. Besides, I had many good laughs during classes and learned much about Russian culture. In the afternoons I was given the opportunity to watch Russian movies, which contributed not only to the cultural understanding, but also to the listening skills. I strongly recommend Linguamir for all motivated students of the Russian language and culture."

Jordi Castells, computer programmer, Barcelona, Spain
"Study at Linguamir it was interesting, because you can study or practice with your teacher the things that you are interested in. For the rest Linguamir is like a family. Beers with the director, a concert with teacher, picnic with director, teachers and families.... Nice people."

Marc Kindermann, environmental engineer, Hamburg, Germany
"Linguamir is a small school, where highly qualified teachers teach in a very pleasant atmosphere. The staff does a lot to make the students have a good time in Samara. Activities include visits to concerts of local rock bands, art exhibitions or simply to hang out in the evening at the beer stalls of the Volga embankment. I recommend staying with a family to make the experience complete."

Myles Mayall, Oxford University graduate, U.K.
"The level of teaching was excellent even when compared with my language studies at University in Oxford. The atmosphere in the center is very comfortable and Director and secretary are extremely helpful. The Samara pub and cafe life seem to be developing in the right direction. I really enjoyed my time here and understand more Russian than I initially thought possible given the short duration of my stay."

Allan Gibson, engineer, U.K.
"Linguamir school met all my expectations. They took great care to make sure I was safe and comfortable at all times. We made many fieldtrips around the museums, art galleries, and even one day snowboarding. Samara is the safest city in Russia. I went out every night and always had a good time. The restaurants are excellent. In summary, I have traveled to many cities around the world and I have enjoyed Samara more than the others. I look forward to returning to Samara as soon as possible."

Naoko Takahashi, housewife, Japan.
"I participated at the standard course for 2 weeks and I really learned a lot and enjoyed a lot. I'd like to thank very much very nice and kind people of Linguamir School who always help me and gave me a lot!"

Jorgen Luxhoj, financial manager, Denmark.
"I thoroughly enjoyed the river cruise course.It was an excellent opportunity to see the Volga and its historic cities and receive tuition in Russian at the same time."

Julian Crawshaw, resources forester, Australia.
"It is the best holiday I've ever had in my life. I loved Samara and the countryside was beautiful. I felt my Russian improved a lot because of my course. If I tried to say anything prior to the course everyone just answered me with "what?" and then tried to make me go away. After my week (it's not enough) people could at least understand me. You are lucky to be able to employ assistants like Irina - she is a very good teacher."

Pablo Gimenez, student, Spain.
" The time I spent at Linguamir was very positive and productive. Alexander and the rest of the staff were very supportive and always made me feel at home in Samara. My teacher was very good and professional. I arrived in Samara speaking no Russian at all and three weeks later I left with a solid knowledge of the bases of the language which allowed me to communicate in my travels in Russia in a great variety of situations. I can totally recommend Linguamir and Samara as a place to study Russian and I myself am planning to go back one day."

Olivier Collins, engineer, USA.
In English: " I decided on a first trip to Russia as a ground check to see how I was progressing in my studies of this language. Also, I chose Samara rather than Moscow or Saint Petersburg, thinking that I would meet cheaper costs of living there, while still being able to find as good a teacher. So, for almost 4 weeks of intensive individual course, I studied with Lilia at Linguamir and did not regret it. The teaching was interesting and varied, and my many mistakes were patiently corrected over and over again. This was a good experience that I wish to renew."

En Francais: " Je me suis decide a un premier voyage en Russie pour verifier sur place le progres de mes etudes dans ce langage. Je choisis Samara plutot que Moscou ou Saint Petersbourg, pensant que le cout de la vie y serait moindre, sans pour autant diminuer mes chances de trouver un bon instructeur. Et donc, pendant presque 4 semaines, j’ai etudie avec Lilia a Linguamir dans un cours particulier intensif et ne l’ai pas regrette. L’enseignement fut varie et interessant, mes nombreuses fautes etant inlassablement et patiemment corrigees. Ce fut une bonne experience, a recommencer."

Note: if you would like to communicate with any of our graduates feel free to email us and we will provide their email addresses.

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