Staying with a family.
Linguamir offers homestay accommodation for its students. You can stay with a local family. That is a great way to practice your Russian and to taste the real Russian lifestyle. It's a good choice for students who want to immerse themselves into the Russian culture, make friends and socialize. That is the only choice for students under 18 years old. All families are carefully selected and we don't compromise about their reputation and hospitality.
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While studying Russian you can stay with a Russian family    All the families are acrefully selected to help you practice your Russian and make your staying in Samara nice and  remarkable  

Students pay €200 weekly for accommodation in an individual room. This includes two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) with the family.
You will have a front door key and your room key (if required).
General time rules are as following: keep quiet after 11:00 pm and better come back before 12:00 pm.
The family will be glad to socialize with you, show you the city, go shopping, go for countryside trips, so they'll do everything possible to make you feel a family member.

Please see some photos of room of the families who accommodate students of Linguamir below.


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