Why study Russian.
Please see a brief essay about the reason why people study the Russian language and Culture. As professionals, we at Linguamir promise to provide both high quality intruction and immersion into the real Russia in the very heart of the country.

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Why Learn Russian?

The Russian people are known for their hospitality, long and splendid history, world-famous literature, and beautiful, difficult language. Below, you’ll find Russian studies rationalized from a business, personal, and academic point of view, but the bottom line is that Russia is a fascinating land, the people and the language worthy of introspection and full of allure for scholars of all disciplines and all backgrounds.

Russia’s vast supply of natural resources and a young, well-educated workforce provide strong reasons for investment in this developing economy. A recent poll of Russians has revealed increasing optimism in Russia’s economic future and many foreign firms are planning to invest in joint ventures and commercial enterprises throughout Russia. While much of foreign investment is channeled through Moscow, the firms operating in lesser-known regions of Russia are likely to generate the highest returns on investment. Those who can locate and identify areas of Russia and of Russian business with the greatest potential can expect to share in the profits.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia continues to be a major political and military power and the scarcity of Russian linguists remains acute. Demand for Russian linguists/translators is, and will remain, strong. Students can look forward to immediate and rewarding employment upon graduation. Those seeking a future in business will find Russia full of possibilities for the entrepreneur and language specialist alike. Linguamir will provide students with the necessary cultural and linguistic basis necessary for a future career in Russia’s business arena.

The study of Russian as a Foreign Language for personal growth and intellectual satisfaction should also be seriously considered. As a nation-state, Russia has played an important and often decisive role in world affairs. It has a fascinating history stretching from the formation of Kievskaya-Rus’ to today’s economic reforms. The Russian people are known for their hospitality and contributions to technological innovation and the creative arts. The golden age of Russian literature was a period unsurpassed in excellence. Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Gogol’ and Turgenev among many others. embody the finest collection of literature in existence. The satisfaction of reading this classic literature in its original language is immeasurable.
A few words on Russian language and culture
Russian also provides some unique challenges for a scholar of foreign languages. It belongs to the Indo-European language family, though its Cyrillic alphabet and difficult grammar place it far from the Germanic and Romance languages (such as English and French). A diligent student of Russian will find that the language by means of its very diversity opens new realms of thought and offers a fresh perspective of life as a whole. The language to some extent represents the Russian psyche, especially when compared to English and the psychology of native-English-speakers. For example, “I” is the most prevalent word in the English language, and anglophones are generally known to be independent and individualistic. Russian has a preponderance of indirect constructions, “it is needed by me”, “next to me there is”, and “it is necessary for me”, all of which create a sense of decreased personal responsibility and greater reliance on the group as society’s basic unit. To understand this intriguing culture, one needs a foundation in the language.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Russia, to live with real Russians and to discuss their hopes and dreams.

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